About us

Sailing is a longstanding tradition in our family. The beginning of our boat-excursion activities dates back to the 1970s, when our father and grandfather set the course that we have been following into the third generation.

Our boat excursions began to develop in earnest in 1985 when we bought our first ship, the Dupin (Dolphin) and then again in 1988 when we sold the Dupin to buy a 15-metre boat, the Kordika. This boat was larger and better equipped than the Dupin, and was capable of fully meeting the needs of our clients. It is still in operation today: for fishing in wintertime, and for fishing with tourists in summertime.
In 2002, we purchased the Kordika Dva (Kordika Two), a 21-metre fishing boat, which we used for boat excursions and fishing. Regretfully, when a new law came into force prohibiting larger-sized boats from fishing between the islands, we were forced to sell the Kordika Dva and buy a boat – the Diadora – exclusively for boat excursions. Soon realising that this boat was not adequate, we bought the Eros in 2007, the most modern and best-equipped boat on the island of Rab.