Will we see dolphins?

This is definitely the most frequently asked question – to which it is extremely difficult to reply.

The fact is that we do come across dolphins very often, sometimes up to several times during a single excursion. It does happen, however, that we don’t even catch a glimpse of them sometimes. Let’s just say that the odds of meeting dolphins are 50:50. Although you have heard that the sea around Lošinj Island is a dolphin reserve, this does not mean that they are in an enclosed area. Instead, they are free to come and go, and swim as they please. Indeed, we have had more dolphin sightings in the sea around Rab than around Lošinj.

So, no one in their right mind can promise you that you will see dolphins, although many will try to convince you of this. Don’t fall for this, because it all comes down to luck – which our boat excursions seem to have in abundance.

What are those pipelines visible on the island?

What looks like pipelines to you are actually dry-stone walls, the traditional way of setting up field boundaries and making sure that sheep stay on their owner’s land.

Some of these dry-stone walls are up to several centuries old and are still standing. The result of the painstaking work of the islanders, these walls are made by interlocking the stones without the use of mortar. They are a monument to human labour and the hard life of islanders.

What is the greatest depth of the sea around Rab Island?

The greatest depth is 112 metres, located between the mainland and Rab Island. When sailing, sea depth is measured using a depth gauge found in the steering room.