Why choose us

Because sailing and tourism are our longstanding family business, and family members are part of the crew on both our ships.

Why choose the Eros?

  • it is the most modern, fastest and luxurious ship on the island of Rab;
  • it has the most diverse program of excursions, and its crew provides a commentary in five languages throughout the excursion;
  • it has spacious sun-kissed decks and decks in the shade;
  • its large, indoor drawing room can accommodate 120 persons in case of bad weather, rain or wind, and its small drawing room, 20 persons.

Why choose the Kordika?

  • it will provide you with an authentic fishing experience;
  • it has the longest tradition of fishing excursions which combine trawling and preparing meals using freshly caught fish and other seafood delicacies;
  • it is managed by professional fishermen who will teach you the secrets of trawling, and clean and prepare the caught fish for you;
  • it will take you to one of the loveliest bays of the island of Pag where you can take a swim and enjoy the bay’s medicinal mud.